A local outdoor sustainable clothing company is encouraging people to embrace the benefits of cold water therapy in January and join its Dip A Day Challenge to help raise money for three mental health charities.
Wild & Free has joined forces with the founder of inspirational wellness brand Little Penny Thoughts, Annette Kelly and Caroline McKenna from A County Down Under, who spent a week with Wim Hof in Poland earlier this year, immersing herself in the benefits of cold water therapy, to challenge people to take a Dip a Day to reset, renew and get ready to take on 2024 feeling strong – both mentally and physically.

The daily dip can be a cold shower, a sea swim or a dip in an ice bath and those taking part in the challenge are invited to join Wild & Free and Little Penny Thoughts for a community sea dip on Sunday 28th January at Helen’s Bay.
People are being encouraged to share their progress throughout the month and use the hashtag #WFDIPADAY and for every one posted, Wild & Free will donate £5 to the challenge’s three mental health charities - Aware, Samaritans and Pieta House.

Aisling Bremner, Founder of Wild & Free said: “A cold water dip provides lots of scientifically proven benefits for our mental and physical health, so it is no wonder that the number of people taking part in it has increased over the last number of years. One of the most prominent benefits is the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood boosters and they help create feelings of happiness and reduce stress levels. Cold water immersion can also reduce the production of cortisol, a stress hormone which contributes to feelings of anxiety and depression. The benefits are endless!”

“At Wild & Free we’re on a mission to get more people to choose nature’s medicine to get balance and joy in their busy lives by spending more time outdoors so we are delighted to launch the Dip a Day Challenge. As part of this we’ve created a calendar for people to keep track of their journey, a closed Facebook group and have lots of information and tips to support people throughout the month of January.
We’re excited as it will be a great community initiative and it’s our aim that by encouraging people to take part in the Wild & Free Dip a Day Challenge, that they will not only help us raise much-needed funds for Aware, Samaritans and Pieta House, but also discover the positive benefits of cold water therapy for themselves, and feel happier, healthier and stronger for it – and who knows, continue with it throughout the year and beyond,” Aisling continued.

Annette Kelly of Little Penny Thoughts added: “I have experienced first-hand the incredible benefits of cold water therapy. For me it’s part of my self-care practice and helps me to reset and regulate. I do it for my body and my mind. Put it like this, I’ve never regretted a cold water dip - every time I do it I feel totally refreshed and rejuvenated! I’d encourage anyone reading this to join us and enjoy a Dip a Day in January.”

For further information on the Dip A Day challenge or to sign up, go to www.wildandfreeoutdoors.com
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